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My books have something for everyone!  If you like to read or are looking for a great learning book for you child, check out my books.  

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Catherine has an Associates Degree in English from Raritan Valley Community College in New Jersey.  She is a mother and grandmother, originally from Brooklyn, New York and moved to New Jersey in 1976 and still resides in the Garden State.
From childhood, Catherine has always had a passion for writing poems, short stories and quotes and now she is putting her writing to the test in a series of children's books called "Duke's Nose".  Since 2008 she has published four of the five books in the series with the fifth book coming in 2008. She is working on a short story collection called "Little Stories of Life" with two out of the four available now. Catherine works in the communications field and writes part time hoping her works will lead to a rewarding career as a full time author.
This aspiring author has also written a short story book for children and  is also venturing into writing her first novel for novel for young adults. .  her writings include three blogs in light of her passions of reading, writing and crafts.  This newly designed website is created by her own design.  

Aside from her writing, she also sells handmade clothing and accessories at  With her many interests and drive to succeed we cant wait to see what's next for this author. 

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Little Stories of Life

Heartwarming stories of life, love and hope.  

Just Write

Join me on my personal journey.

Duke's Nose Series

Got Duke? Kids learn while having fun. Ages 2-6 

Paper Clip Travels

Travel with Parker on his an adventures. Ages 6 - 11 

Crochet Club and Knitting too..!

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