What Shape is Duke's Nose?

What shape is Duke's nose?  Read the book in the series Duke's Nose  Shapes.

Written by Catherine Spinola, the Duke's Nose Series is a collection of children's books about a Yorkshire Terrier named Duke who has a very unique nose.  In this delightful series of books the reader travels with Duke and his wondrous nose to different places.  A child not only has an adventure of fun but learns through repetition and imagination. 

The idea for the character was inspired by Catherine's own Yorkshire Terrier named Duke who had an unusually large nose.  She came up with the concept for the Duke's Nose Series after her daughter Danielle Forbes had created the illustration for a high school project about their family pet.  What began as an art drawing has now become a series for learning for children ages 3 to 8.

Duke's Day at the Farm: Shapes is one of the books in the series.  You can also purchase Duke's Day at Home: Colors , Duke's Day at the Pet Store: Numbers  and Duke's day at the Park: Sports... 

About Us

The Author: Catherine Spinola

Author and writer

Catherine has a Associates Degree in English from Raritan Valley Community College in New Jersey. She is a mother and grandmother, originally from Brooklyn, New York, and moved to New Jersey in 1976 and still resides in the Garden State. 

From childhood, Catherine has always had a passion for writing poems, short stories and quotes and now she is putting her writing to the test in this series of children's books called "Duke's Nose".  She works in the communications field and writes part time hoping her works will lead to a rewarding career as a full time author.

This aspiring author is not only writing a series of children's books but is also venturing into writing her first novel.  Her first collection of short stories book "Little Stories of LIfe" Autumn Edition Spring Edition are now available.  Catherine is also writing a novel for young adults as well, and she publishes blogs and articles in light of her passions of reading, writing and crafts.  She also fashions her website created by her own design.   With her many interests and drive to succeed Catherine is always expanding new ideas for her passions.

The Illustrator: Danielle Forbes


Danielle Forbes is the talented young artist responsible for creating  this adorable furry little character in the Duke's Nose Series.  She has always loved the craft of artistry by drawing characters and unique drawings, and when asked to create a character of her pet for school she decided to use Duke to create her original cartoon character.  This later would  inspire her mother Catherine to create a story around the drawing.  

Danielle works in the recruiting field and draws part time for the Duke's Nose Series.  She is also exploring new horizons as an independent artist and illustrator as well as using her expertise for party planning and design.  

This talented illustrator is driven by her joy of  artistry and we are excited to see what imagery she will fancy next.  Danielle, a wife and mother of two was born in the Garden State and still resides in New Jersey with her husband and family.

The Dog: Duke

Meet Duke of the book series Duke's Nose.

Duke was born in the midwest, and joined his family in New Jersey when he was 4 months old.  His family immediately fell in love with this black and tan Yorkie with his unusually large nose.  

Duke loved his family and would always want to be a part of what they were doing and what they were up to.  He was a very energetic pup and quite the explorer.  He loved people and other animals and was completely devoted to everyone in his life.  

Duke's energy inspired Catherine and Danielle to join together to invent a story and create travels of their amazing dog to help young children learn to read.  Now you can travel with Duke too, through this fantastic series of books.  Be sure to  watch where Duke goes next as he leads us with his wondrous nose. 

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Children will love Duke and learn colors as his everchanging nose teaches through repetition.

Duke's Day at Home: Colors is part of an exciting series of books for children, called Duke's Nose. This delightful collection of books are about a dog named Duke and his very special nose. In these books, the reader travels with Duke and his wondrous nose to different places. A child not only has fun, but also learns through repetition and imagination. In this book, we spend time at Duke's home and learn colors through his activities of the day. You will be amazed at how much your child will be entertained by this furry little dog, as they wait to see what happens to Duke's unique nose. What color is Duke's nose? Let's look inside and see... 

Duke visits a farm and finds shapes at every turn on his fun adventure.

Duke’s Day at the Farm: Shapes is part of an exciting series of books for children, called Duke’s Nose. This collection of books is about a dog named Duke and his ever changing nose. In this particular book, the reader travels with Duke and his wondrous nose to Spinland Farm and discovers different shapes hidden on the farm. A child not only has fun but also learns through repetition and imagination. Your child will be entertained by this furry little dog and you will see and feel the anticipation they have as they wait to see the next shape of Duke’s unique nose. What shape is Duke’s nose? Let’s take a trip to the farm and see… 

Pets of all kinds are helping Duke with his numbers.  He visits the store and makes new friends.

Duke's Day at the Pet Store Numbers is the third book about a dog named Duke and his wondrous nose. In this book Duke visits the pet store on adoption day and spends time with his friends as they wait to go to their new homes. Duke will help your child learn how to count while having fun as they read about Duke's adventure. What number do you see?  Lets find out.

Sports are fun and exciting at the park where Duke meets his friends to have a special day.

Duke's Day at the Park: Sports is the fourth book in the series for children called "Duke's Nose". In this book Duke travels to his neighborhood indoor, outdoor park to play and teach children about sports. Children learn about sports by repetition and through Duke's ever changing nose. What sport does Duke play? Let's see..