"Little Stories of Life" is a collection of short stories that has something for everyone. As we all know, life can be happy, sad, exciting and full of surprises and in each of these stories you will be captured by the characters adventure of emotion. Follow Ryan, Elena, Charles and the rest of the characters as they share their experiences and journey through their little stories of life. 



It’s a new season and springtime brings more heartwarming short stories of life, love and faith. In this collection you will find out what happens to Christian, meet Emma and fall in love with a special child named Mary. Other new characters will capture your heart as well, and you will be moved by each of them as you journey in their lives. Little Stories of Life: Spring Edition is truly another inspiring book of short stories for everyone. 

Little Stories of Life - Autumn


A Collection of Short Stories

Autumn Edition

Paperback Books and eBook 

Autumn Edition

A daughters love for family and writing brings her to an unexpected journey.


Ryan relies on his mother to make sure that everything will be alright when he goes through a difficult ordeal. One of the heartwarming short stories.


Hailey takes the trip of a lifetime without every leaving the airport.  A familiar tale of overcoming our fears in one of the books in the series


When Elena goes to work, she never expects an unusual encounter with a 


Sara has no idea what she is in for when she opens her suitcase 

Little Stories of Life - Spring


A collection of Short Stories

Spring Edition

Short Stories Paperback Books or eBook

Spring Edition

A story of chance and fate.  There are four parts, look for Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer.


Carmela revisits her past as she prepares for her future


Mary touches out heart as we follow her after a terrible accident


Katie is looking for true love and gets more than she bargains for 


Annabelle never expects what comes next after her car is hit from behind by a famous gentleman